LEADS -Sales Prospecting and Customer Relationship Manager

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LEADS is a powerful, lightweight, Business to Business Sales tool and Contact Manager for use on Your Windows Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC.

LEADS manages Your “Sales Funnel” to help you grow Your Business and gain new Customers.

Use LEADS to identify, track and manage your relationships with existing Customers and Contacts as well as Potential Customers. Avoid making those dreaded cold-calls! Instead be referred to potential Customers by your close associates or centers of influence!

LEADS sales process is partially based on the “Sales Development Program” developed by Sales Impact Group’s Brett Burgess. This program emphasises the "Sales by Referral” technique where other business owners or friends that you are interacting with frequently are able to refer your Business to others and vice versa. This is a proven sales technique designed to get your Business name to where it is needed as opposed to passively advertising and waiting for leads to come to you.